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I decided to create this tumblr as a creative outlet for followers of the Blasian Community. There are often a lot of interesting and intellectual conversations on their fan pages (facebook or elsewhere) so I decided to create this page of original fiction simply as a resting stop to read or write stories as a creative expression for what's on your mind. If you're interested, feel free to submit a story and remember to follow <3
OrientoChoco- Original Blasian Fiction


i made moons out of old rosaries
and universes out of empty sketch books
there’s a half crescent missing inside me
this sleeping alone makes passes the days
so slowly
i have all this burning love swelling in me
like explosions of nebulas
lacerating my arteries
and i don’t want sweet talk
or books or sleep
i want a heatwave beside me
another pulse beside my ear
i want to soak into somebody
so the voice inside my head
becomes impossible to hear


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Title: It Keeps Glowing

Pairing: AoKaga

Rating: T

uhhh this completes the “aomine’s parents are huge dicks saga” (which you can read here) and yeah i like to cause aomine pain and ihate myself for it okay

fyi i listened to let it happen by paramore 56 times writing this


He was in the kitchen of his and Kagami’s house when he heard the doorbell ring, the noise coasting through the house over the dull drones from the television that was on in the next room.

“Kagami!” Aomine yelled, standing up from his bent over position leaning into the fridge. He’d been trying to find the left over teriyaki burger he’d brought home the other night and he was pretty sure Kagami had already eaten it.  Wouldn’t be the first time. Probably wouldn’t be the last.

 Aomine sighed and gave up his search deciding to go make his husband buy him a new teriyaki burger before the burger joint down the street closed. He slammed the fridge shut and walked towards the living room where he knew Kagami was laying on the couch, sprawled out over all three cushions. His hands were behind his head; one foot on the back of the couch and his eyes were intently trained on the basketball highlights that were playing on tv. He’d been like that for the last hour.

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